Hand-painted maps

Originally designed area and better visitor orientation. Aesthetic map and promotional material in one. We will make a painted map for any territory in the world.

  1. The main vision of CBS spol, s.r.o. is to create original products that allow people to see the world in a different way – more original and more colorful. Our hand-painted maps, photographs, videos, websites or regular promotional materials – they all promote all the beautiful and valuable things in this world.
  2. We also take care to make all our products useful and practical to meet people's needs and make their life easier. Although they are in fact costly pieces of art with great value, thanks to our business strategy and our sponsors we are able to get them to a large number of people. We allow them to see the world as it really is – original, colorful and beautiful. And this can be achieved mainly because we do our work with heart. This vision is what connects all our employees and clients.

Maps for municipalities

The painted map is a hand-made work to the last detail made by man, not by machine or program. Of course, we also help with modern technology to make our maps as accurate as possible. We use a 3D model of the landscape as a basis for the painter.

Maps for microregions

Graphics and map processing is much more interesting for the eye of the tourist, but also the locals. Orientation in the map is easier than in a classic map, and objects are captured on the map as they actually look. And with its originality and easy readability it belongs to every town and village.

Maps for sports centers

Making a painted map is a very expensive matter. The maps in our edition were created only by the sponsors, who in turn provide advertising space on the map. More than half of Slovakia's municipalities, thousands of businesses, cultural, educational and other institutions are advertisers on our maps.

Maps for hotels and resorts

A map that is original in its content, made by children and designed for children to be easy to read for everyone. It contains verified and safe cycling routes through the Slovak Cycle Club, all significant attractions of the region.
The map drawings consisted of children from the region and children from orphanages.

How much would a painted map cost to you

The biggest producer in Europe - more than 600 realized maps

What is hand-painted map?

Painted map is a hand-made work of art, created by an artist down to the very last detail - there is no machine or software involved. Of course, we also use modern technology to make our maps as accurate as possible. Our painter refers to a software-generated 3D landscape model. The artist also uses standard maps, ortophotos and aerial photos taken from a low-flying airplane. Every house, road, creek and tree is then manually painted one by one, sometimes in the course of several months, to complete the map.


Main benefits of hand-painted maps are easy orientation, picturesque object representation and versatile application. Painted maps can be used for orientation, education or as a souvenir. It can highlight monuments or commercial businesses.


Thanks to the attractiveness of its visual aspects people are happy explore the details of the map and compare the pictures with real objects. Production of a hand-painted map is a very costly matter. It is only possible thanks to our sponsors, who can in turn place advertisements into our maps.

How much would a painted map cost to you


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